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Change Your Career,
Change Your Life

Clear the blocks between you and your dream career. 

You are capable of finding joy and inspiration in your career. But what you think and believe can directly impact your career choices. If you want results and live your life aligned with who you are, my ‘Change Your Career’ program is for you.

My 6 month 'Change Your Career' program will take you from feeling stuck, to having full clarity and confidence over the career you want, how and when to make it happen. Whether it is a complete changing professions or a pivot, the program will give you the structure and control you need to create a career that gives you full satisfaction.

Career Coaching-

PHASE 1: Explore

The Explore phase focuses on understanding who you are and what you want to get out of your career. We will explore your values, interests and strengths whilst also uncovering some of your limiting beliefs.

Tools used:

Enneagram Test, Value and Strengths Finder, Understanding your Saboteurs

Outcome expected:

Full understanding of how to align your values and strengths to your dream career and how to overcome some of your limiting beliefs

Professional Career Coach-

PHASE 2: Develop

The Develop phase is where we identify options and create a plan. We will generate a number of new career choices and dig into them together. This includes identifying your support system.

Tools used:

‘Board of Directors’, Network Mapping, ‘Change Your Career’ Action Plan

Outcome expected:

Identification of your sponsors and targets, tailored action plan including key steps, actions and timeline to achieve your goals


PHASE 3: Implement

This is the action phase. We will use a creative and empowering process to bring to life your action plan and implement the right tools.

Tools used:

Visualization exercise, gratitude journal and ‘faith’ mindset framing

Outcome expected:


Developing a long-term mindset which is not only about positive thinking but about overcoming uncertainty and believing in yourself and your dreams

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