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  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is a collaborative process where a coach and client partner together to help the client unlock their full potential.
  • How do I know if this Program is for me?
    This program is for you if: You have lost motivation in your work and feel something is missing You are struggling to make decisions about what to do next Fear, negativity and self-doubt are ruling your life Your career is impacting your health and relationships
  • How long is the Program?
    The ‘Change Your Career’ program is a 6 month online program that includes 12 career coaching sessions and tailored support. You will need to do assignments in between the sessions. The assignments won’t be lengthy but they do require self reflection
  • What does the Program include?
    6 one-to-one Career coaching sessions Exercises and tools tailored to your needs WhatsApp support in between the sessions Preparation before and after job interviews Assistance in resume writing Tailored action plan
  • How will the coaching sessions be conducted?
    The sessions will be done virtually via Google Meet. In-person sessions are also possible, subject to availability.
  • How will we work together?
    - Creating a safe and open space for you - Listening without judgment - Asking questions that encourage self-reflection - Offering guidance and support, without deciding for you - Holding you accountable for reaching your goals - Celebrating your successes, big and small
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