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My approach | career coaching online

I’m a true believer that everyone has untapped potential. A unique gift that many times can be buried. My job is to uncover it and help you turn it into something meaningful. 

Many times we postpone pursuing our talents and taking the right steps towards our dream career because we are afraid. 

  • Afraid of what people will think or say

  • Afraid of getting it wrong

  • Afraid of not being good enough


The thing is, the best in you can not come out unless you take action. Unless you START.

Your career deserves the attention it needs because you are worth it. Change is possible. Big or small. Life is too short to be wasting your talent in a career that does not bring the best out of you. Today register for career coaching online at  Look Inside Coach.

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My background | Professional Career Coach

career coaching services By Natalia at Lookinsidecoach

I am a professional career coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation, who has been supporting individuals for the last 16 years through their career transitions as part of my leadership role at Google.


I have also felt stuck in my career, not knowing what I want or how I can reach my goals. I would love to help you navigate the same issues I’ve experienced through dedicated career coaching online, so you begin to thrive in your career and don’t look back with regret.

I work best with clients who are serious about making changes to their careers, and who are ready to invest in themselves.

Qualifications: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) issued by ICF Credentials and Standards.

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