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How we'll work together

  • Creating a safe and open space for you

  • Listening without judgment  

  • Asking questions that encourage self-reflection

  • Offering guidance and support, without deciding for you

  • Holding you accountable for reaching your goals

  • Celebrating your successes, big and small

professional career coaching- Lookinsidecoach
Natalia-Founder of Look Inside Coach

My background

I have been supporting individuals for the last 20 years through their career transitions as part of my leadership role at Google. I have also felt stuck in my career, not knowing what I want or how I can reach my goals. I would love to help you navigate the same issues I’ve gone through so you don’t look back with regret.

Qualifications: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) issued by ICF Credentials and Standards.



  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is a collaborative process where a coach and client partner together to help the client unlock their full potential.
  • How do I know if this program is for me?
    This program is for you if: You have lost motivation in your work and feel something is missing You are struggling to make decisions about what to do next Fear, negativity and self-doubt are ruling your life Your career is impacting your health and relationships
  • How much time investment is it?
    You will need to dedicate 1 hour to each one-to-one coaching session (6 is the minimum number of sessions recommended) and do assignments in between the sessions. The assignments won’t be lengthy but they do require self reflection.
  • What does the program include?
    6 one-to-one coaching sessions Exercises and tools tailored to your needs WhatsApp support in between the sessions Preparation before and after job interviews Assistance in resume writing Tailored action plan
  • How will the coaching sessions be conducted?
    The sessions will be done virtually via Google Meet. In-person sessions are also possible, subject to availability.
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