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Career Coaching-Natalia Cano-

Are you feeling stuck in your career and unsure what to do next?

From feeling overwhelmed to greater clarity and confidence.

I help mid-career professionals pivot to the career of their dreams within 6 months of starting my program.

Do you wish to pursue a career that truly excites and fulfils you?

My 'Change Your Career' program is designed to transform your professional life within just 6 months. Through personalized coaching and guidance, I'll help you gain clarity on your career goals and build the confidence needed to make successful career pivots.

Together, we'll develop a strategic plan to help you achieve true career joy. Say goodbye to feeling stuck and hello to a future filled with passion and purpose. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.


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Vickie Shi-Product Manager at Google China

Vickie Shi

Product Marketing Manager,

Google China

“Recently I've been facing challenges on my goal to move to new teams and transfer internationally. I found Natalia's coaching sessions particularly helpful as they allowed me to 1) foster a resilient and positive mindset facing uncertainties 2) mapping out an action plan to maximize my chances including building effective network and developing relevant skills. Natalia is a very empowering coach with strong empathy and strategic insights. I gained more confidence to achieve my goals after connecting with her. Highly recommend to anyone who is currently facing challenges in navigating their career!”

Shuxian Li- Sr. Product Marketing Manager at APAC

Shuxian Li

 Senior Product Marketing Manager, Scaled Programs, APAC

“I experienced the dual challenges of transitioning to a new job while adjusting to motherhood. As a result of the coaching Natalia offered, I was able to develop practical strategies, feel supported, and find a successful path forward in both my career and personal life.”

 Zihan Ahmed Customer Onboarding Strategist, Google Australia

Zihan Ahmed

Customer Onboarding Strategist, Google Australia

"I was at a crossroad in my career. Working with Natalia helped me challenge my self doubt, explore different options, prepare for my next role and eventually I was able to make a career move that I'm proud of."

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